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Hi, ever wondered why Catherine Pooler calls her stamping blocks “The Perfect Blocks”?  It’s simple really, they are perfect.




Acrylic Blocks

There are a lot of different acrylic blocks and I’ve used lots of different brands in the 16 years I’ve been crafting.  Some had grid lines, some didn’t. Some had wavy edges or finger grip curves, some didn’t.  



They all seemed pretty much the same.  Until The Perfect Stamping Blocks came around.

The 10 Perfect Stamping Blocks are in the shop here.


Why you will love these stamping blocks

  • Ten different sizes are perfect for all your stamp sizes
  • the indentations are the perfect fit for your fingertips
  • With etched gridlines help you line up your stamps
  • There are lightweight for their size

My first thoughts were ‘oh new stamping blocks’ but these ARE different.  They are lighter (check out this reel where I weight the CP blocks against other brands). With clear grid lines and the finger grip on every size block! 

From the smallest stamp in a set to the largest background stamps – The Perfect Blocks have you covered for all the stamping you love to do!


How do you refer to them? Stamping blocks or acrylic blocks? 


Find The 10 Perfect Stamping Blocks here.


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