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Handmade Watercolour Paints

I am so excited to introduce our own handmade paints! I have wanted my own watercolour paint sets for years, and after months of testing and recipe changes, I am 100% happy and confident that these paints are ready to be introduced to you.  Although there is only one set so far, there are plenty more being planned.


Astrological Watercolour tin is a set of 6 colour shifting paints to add some extra ‘ooh’ and ‘wow’ to your card making.  Each colour changes depending on the angle you look at it and is more magical on black card.  Try mixing the colours together for more ‘wow-ness’.


How It’s Made

Our paints are handmade in small batches using the traditional mulling technique and a glass slab.  They are made in our studio from powdered pigments and a homemade binder that is also made from base ingredients, making our paint entirely handmade, and vegan friendly.  


There are no other additives or fillers in our watercolour paints. Although all ingredients for these paints are non-toxic, don’t eat them. 


These paints may work differently than other paints you may have used before. They are vegan friendly – no honey added. and may have a very slight scent of clove oil. 


How Each Paint Is Made

Each watercolour pan takes at least two to three pours during the making process. This process can take anywhere from one day to three or four weeks depending on the pigment and weather conditions.  During the curing/drying process, some watercolours may display cracks, or to appear slightly gummy on the surface due to humidity.  This does not affect the integrity of the paint.  




The changeable UK weather conditions can change the drying time and surface of the paints. This is normal and will not harm the paint. Humidity can cause the paint to be sticky on the surface.  We do not send out any paint that we are unhappy with, and make sure the pans are well filled. 


Our watercolour paint is hand poured and the surface may concave as a result of the drying process. Although each pan is filled with the same amount of pigment each time.


Since these paints are all handmade, colours and behaviour may vary slightly from batch to batch.


Half Pans

Currently we use PLA half pans.  The pans are 1.8ml and have a white/grey marble effect with the names of the paint written on the side.  The PLA pans are degradable along with your poly mail bags and other plastics. 


Each pan has a magnet on the bottom to stop it sliding around in your tin. Each pan is individually wrapped inside your tin. We recommend leaving the pans to acclimatise for 24 hours, although the paint may still stick to the wrapper this does not affect the paint.


How to use

  • Add one or two drops of water to your pan and wait 30 – 60 seconds for the paint to activate.
  • Paint to your hearts content (try them on black card)! Once dry, display on your finished card or art work on the mantlepiece and see the colour change as you walk past.


Our paints contain clove oil as a preservative so you can close your tin when you’ve finished or leaving the pans to dry before closing your tin.

The tin has flat base and lid – easy to stack and store, with space to remove each pan to use just one or two colours.


Why handmade paint?

Every pigment is mixed with the homemade binder before being hand mulled for upwards of 30 minutes.  Each colour can take close to an hour to be made, and each colour is freshly made for each fill.  

Each fill can take approximately 2 weeks to dry (in good warm dry UK weather). Hand making watercolour paints is a long process but the end result is definitely worth it.




Lead Time

I make small batches of watercolour paint, and may be limited on drying time (due to UK weather) Each watercolour tin can take between 4 and 6 weeks to complete. 

We would never ship sub-par paints.


Find the Watercolour Sets in the shop

Astrological colour shift Watercolour Tin

Astrological colour shift Dot Card



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