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New to the shop are WOW! Embossing Powders. We have a small (big CP) selection of the most popular embossing powders to start our journey with WOW!  If requested we will happily stock more WOW! Embossing Powders and Earth Sparkles (the eco friendly glitter). We have had so many crafters asking for the Embossing ink pad and refill, Embossing pen and Mixed Media embossing brush and have just added these to the shop. We hope you find this short introduction about WOW and heat embossing troubleshooting guide informative.




“WOW! aren’t just about Embossing Powders, although we do have over 240 colours to offer you. But we also have THE best Embossing ink pad on the market (well, we think so) don’t believe us, try it !! Alongside that we do Foils, Stamps, Heat Tools, Sparkles Premium Glitter, Earth Sparkles (Eco friendly glitter), Changers, Storage, Embossing Pens, Embossing refill and lets not forget Melt-It our exclusive product perfect for making embellishments. Plus accessories to make your Embossing experience complete !!

Do I need anti static powder?

WOW embossing powders and jars are designed to be anti static, however the powders will stick to the oil from finger prints and anything wet.  To help avoid unwanted embossed areas:

  • Handle your card as little as possible, and from the edges.
  • Use anti static powder bag to remove any static from your card before stamping.
  • Brush away any stray embossing powder with a fine paintbrush before heat setting.
  • Catch excess powder on a sheet of paper and funnel back into the Wow! jar.


Why does my embossing powder brushes off after heating?

If any embossing powder brushes off it has not been heat set properly.  Make sure you have used the heat gun across the whole of the image and chased the embossing powder. If any area looks dusty or matt in appearance it generally has not been heat set enough.


Do you sell inks that are suitable for heat embossing?

Yes, any slow drying ink can be used for heat embossing.  WOW! Clear Ultra Slow Drying Embossing ink pad and refill give the best hold for these embossing powders.  You can also use the Embossing Pen and Mixed Media Embossing Brush. The Catherine Pooler inks are dye inks that take a few seconds to dry and are great for heat embossing with the WOW embossing powders.   There are a wide selection of embossing powders made by Wow and inspired by Catherine that work perfectly with the CP ink pads.  We also stock the Brutus Monroe 2 inch embossing ink pad and refill for those with limited space that love great embossing ink. 


Should I re-ink each time with double or triple embossing?

Ooh, triple embossing looks gorgeous doesn’t it? Re-ink and re-stamp for each layer – just make sure the previous heat embossing has cooled, and remember that double and triple embossing powder will melt quicker than the original embossing.


If Wow! Embossing powders are anti-static why do I get bits sticking on my work?

All WOW! Embossing powders are double treated for static.  But this doesn’t mean they are anti-moisture. If you handle your card too much the oils in your hands will transfer to the card stock, creating an area the embossing powder will stick to.  Try to handle your card as little as possible, and use an anti-static powder bag to prevent any unwanted embossed areas.


Can I put the WOW embossing powder in larger tubs?

While you can store Brutus Monroe embossing powder in larger tubs, it is strongly recommend you do not do this with WOW.  Do not transfer WOW embossing powder to larger tubs as the WOW jars are also treated to be anti-static.


What are the little white balls in my WOW embossing powder?

WOW add a couple special products to their powders which make the perform better than other powders on the marker.  The white balls are formed when they remove moisture from the powder.  It is perfectly normal and when heat embossed the white balls will disappear and not affect the finish.


Any tips for using glitter embossing powders?

Best tips for using glitter embossing are:

  • Shake the jar first to mix the glitter and embossing powder
  • Heat from below so you don’t ‘blow away’ the embossing powder


What card you recommend?

We love Neenah 80lb and Premium White card for heat embossing. The smoother the better for best results with heat embossing. WOW do manufacture their own smooth white card – contact us if you would like us to stock this card along with the other Essential Card we sell.


How do I know the embossing powder is ‘done’?

If you look at the embossing powder in the light (natural or artificial) you’ll be able to see it melting.  As soon as the powder has melted move the heat gun to another area and continue to “chase” the embossing powder until it is all smooth and shiny.


How far away from the card should I hold the heat gun?

Remember to let your heat gun warm up first. It’s generally recommended to hold the heat gun about 1.5” away from the embossing powder.  Closer and you could burn the card while further away will just take long to melt the embossing powder.  If you under do it, you can always to back and heat a bit more.


Should I heat from above or below?

We will always recommend heating glitter embossing powder from below to prevent any powder blowing away.  If you heat from above, start higher up to stop the embossing powder from blowing away.  WOW recommend heating from below for a smoother finish.


Why does my card curl?

Card will curl (or warp) during heat embossing due to the moisture from the card and ink pad. Turn the card over and heat from the other side to flatten the card.  Depending on the thickness of card you use, this may need to be repeated.


Are WOW embossing powders vegan friendly?

WOW gets asked this a lot and the answer is a resounding yes! There are no animal bi-products in these powders nor are they tested on animals.


Can I burn the embossing powder?

You can’t really burn the embossing powder. Over heating will liquidity the powder and it will soak into the card.  You can burn the card stock you are embossing on if you hold the heat gun in one area too long. Or hold the heat gun too close to the card.


My heat gun keeps cutting out or there’s not much air coming out.

A heat gun will cut out to prevent overheating. Let it cool down for a few minutes and try again.  The most common cause of overheating and poor air flow is holding the gun near the vents at the top of the tool. Holding the heat gun in the middle for safer heat embossing.


How can I clean up the stray embossing powder from my desk?

The best way to clean up stray or spilt embossing powder is by using a dry dusting cloth. 


Any other tips?

Keep your coffee/tea/drink as far away as possible. You do not want to accidentally get embossing powder in your drink.


I hope you have found this post helpful and we look forward to seeing your makes with WOW embossing powder in the Paper Tree Tribe.  Tag us with hashtag #thelittlepapertree on Instagram and Facebook.

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    I use anti static powder before stamping to emboss. I thoroughly apply it. But I still get bits of stray embossing powder where I don’t want it. I use a small paint brush to brush away the strays around the outside of the image. But nobody seems to address how to get rid of the stray powder that is inside the image. For example specs of powder in the center of letters like O or P and R that you can’t brush away without brushing away the powder you want to keep. And I do tap the card to get excess off. I need suggestions for this.

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