Christmas Gift Ideas 2021

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Do you struggle finding the perfect presents for your crafty wife/daughter/sister/friend?  Every year we pick our favourite card making supplies to help you shop for the perfect present. Read this blog post to help you find the perfect gift. All orders are carefully wrapped in green tissue paper thus saving you time from having to wrap up the presents, if you so wish. Click on any underlined word to visit the shop.  Feel free to contact us if you need any help in choosing the best gift.



Ink pads and Refills

First up are Catherine Pooler inks and refills.  Catherine Pooler inks are great for some many techniques from stamping, stencilling, swinking and watercolouring.  Read why stampers are loving these inks here. All the colours are available as full sized ink pad in collections of colours that go together (however they can be mixed and matched between the collections).  Eight of the collections are available in Mini ink pad form, with Midnight and Icing On The Cake available in mini form separately.

Click here to see all Catherine Pooler ink pads and refills in the shop.



Did you gift Catherine Pooler ink pads last year? How about stocking up with the Catherine Pooler refills?  Or maybe the Catherine Pooler Side Labels?  These are small stickers that fit along the edge of the full sized ink pad or mini ink pad to make searching for the colour you need much easier.



CP Embossing Powder

At TLPT we love Catherine Pooler inks and it only makes sense that we stock WOW Embossing Powders inspired by Catherine.  Every colours that is currently available in the UK are in stock.  These glittery and marble effect embossing powders perfectly match Catherine’s ink colours.  Check out this reel on Instagram by Tasha to see these embossing powders in action.

Click here for all Catherine Pooler & WOW embossing powders.




Beginner Kits

Recently added to the shop are Beginner card making kits.  We have carefully curated the best products for beginners in stamping, stencilling and heat embossing that can help the beginner card maker use the best quality products from the start.

Click here to see the Card Making Kits.


WOW-Trio Moonlight ND - WOWKT043_1

Embossing Powder (again)

Also new to the shop are the WOW embossing powders, classic every day colours of Opaque Bright White, Rich Gold, Rich Gold Pale and Silver.  And the Trios that we were requested to stock most – Moonlight, Winter Dreams and Alchemy.

Click here for all WOW embossing powder.





Following on from stamping and heat embossing is card.  Good high quality card makes all the difference with card making.  Neenah Solar white comes in multiple pack sizes and at two different weights.  The 80lb card is great for alcohol marker colouring and heat embossing, while the 110lb card is best for card bases.  Both Neenah card is available in packs of 25 sheets, 50 sheets and full big pack size.

Click here for Neenah.


Card is a layered topic.  Each technique requires a different type of card.  Stencilling and ink blending is best on Bristol card, where as ink blending with CP inks also works great on CP Premium white card.

Click here to see all the Essential card in the shop.



Blending Brushes

We have a wide range of blending brushes in the shop.  Catherine Pooler’s own brand of blending brushes come in packs of four brushes in two sizes – Small and Large.  They are teal in colour and have white bristles.


Similarly, Trinity Stamps Blending Buddy brushes have white bristles, they also come with a cap to protect the bristles, and have different handles to be able to stand up the brushes on craft desks.

Click here for the blending brushes, and don’t forget to grab a few stencils too.




Not all of us do… but I think most card makers love bling and sequins.  Surprisingly they is such a thing as low quality bling (for me anyway).  We have a wide range of Trinity Stamps embellishment drops – coloured, silver, gold, rhinestone and smooth in the shop.  Catherine Pooler’s sequin mixes are great for shaker card making and adding those finishing touches.

Click here to see all the sequins and embellishments in the shop, and don’t forget the Tidy Tray to help clean up all those stray pieces of bling!




Stamping Tools

If you haven’t noticed, we love Catherine Pooler’s products.  The last in this Gift Guide are acrylic stamping blocks.  An essential for card making.  Catherine Pooler’s acrylic blocks are called Perfect Blocks.  Available in different sizes, all have grid lines etched on the block and light weight.  There are eight different sizes from 1 1/5″ square for smaller stamping to 4 7/8 x 6 1/8″ for larger background stamps.

Click here to see all the Tools in the shop.


I hope this Gift Guide for 2021 has helped you find the perfect Christmas gift for the card maker in your life. We are able to put together a kit of card making supplies just for you. If you are interest in a specially made kit, or need any help or advise please use this form to contact us.

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