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Hi, my new Catherine Pooler ink swatches are complete. We have stocked CP inks and refills since February 2018 and have updated the ink swatch download with each new collection.  Including the CP mini ink pads. Download the latest swatch chart for free here. 

You may have heard that the inks pads now come with a printed sticker label and the re-inkers have new colour printed labels.  We have a sale on the non stickered ink pads and refills with the black and white label which will be ending soon. 


Swatching the inks

  • Print out the ink swatch download on the same white card you use for stamping.
  • Trim each individual squash – these swatches are 1 1/4” square.
  • Make a guide with washi tape on a plastic lid (with grid lines to keep the white text area the same on each swatch).

I had the swatches trimmed into collections, and masked off one swatch at a time.  The washi tape ripped my card (Skylight) but at the moment I am not letting this imperfection bug me.

  • Smoosh each ink pad onto the white card.
  • Wipe the washi tape and plastic lid after each colour.
  • Replace the washi that covers the text as needed (I have some Grass Skirt transfer on the Tutti Fruitti swatch)


I work my way through each colour of Catherine Pooler inks collection by collection. The Beach Retreat colours are handwritten (the download is updated with the new colours). The printed Orange Peel swatch disappeared so this one is handwritten too. 

  • Cover magnetic sheets with strong Scor Tape and adhere each ink swatch
  • Trim into individual swatches (I use a craft knife so as not to dull my left-handed scissors)
  • Repeat for all the ink colours


Displaying the swatches

Plan A is to have the magnetic notice boards up on the wall. Although we love our power tools and have a good selection of drills we do not have one with enough power to drill deep enough into the solid walls. 

Plan B is to use a larger magnetic sheet adhered to an A2 or A3 sized picture frame. This will be light enough (I hope) to hang on the wall using sticky strips.  Currently, the notice board is leaning against the wall.


Embracing imperfections

My swatches are a bit of a mix. Some are messy along the text area. A few are smaller than 1 1/4” (Neutral), and some ripped. (I first tried to use masking tape on the full sheet to ink and trim into squares later). At the moment, I am living with these imperfections. I may redo these swatches later but at the moment I am okay with them.

Previously I kept my swatches in 2” pocket page protectors. I can now keep all the colours visible at once.  I can easily add the new colours (because they must be new colours coming out in the future).  It will be easy to remove swatches to see which colours will work together.


Inspired by…

The Magnetic ink swatches are inspired by Ardyth Percy-Robb. I watched her video and remembered that I had magnetic sheets (somewhere in my craft room), and magnetic notice boards.

By having the swatches on magnets, I can remove the swatches to see which colours will work together.  They can be arranged in rainbow order and easily added to when new colours are released. Right now, I have them in their collections.



Since there is space, I can also keep the heat embossing swatches on the same notice board.  (I am keeping in mind which size board I will eventually need, where it will go. And if I would need to add another board in the future. I also want to have a space to keep dies – they go into hiding too often!)


How do you store your ink swatches? Stamped out on one (or multiple) sheets of card? In those small 2” pocket page protectors?

Share your ink swatch ideas with us in the Paper Tree Tribe and tag us on Instagram @shopthelittlepapertree using the #papertreetribe



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