Tree-mendous Christmas card w/minimal supplies (and video) by Jeni

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Hi, Iโ€™m back with another kraft vs white tutorial with the Tree-mendous stamp by Trinity Stamps. While I was colouring the tree for this card, I started thinking about light sources. How would this critter tree look if it was coloured only in black and white?

You can watch the video tutorial below, or here on YouTube. Clicking on any underlined word will take you to that product, and the basic card making supplies are linked at the bottom of this post?

Kraft Card

By working on kraft card you already have a midtone shade. I stamped with Midnight ink and use Polychromos pencils for the colouring. Beginning with the highlights where the light from the star would be hitting any animal.

I kept in mind which parts of the critters are behind other critters. Then work on the shadow areas before going back over all the colouring.

To stop this Tree-mendous critter tree from floating on my card, I add a ground with the black pencil and a few dark green pencils. At this point, I was considering colouring the sky area a deep dark blue-black. But I stamped on kraft. I don’t want to cover all that kraft colour.


White card

I was still curious to know what this stamp would look like with a deep dark sky, so stamped and coloured another on white card. Using a light grey instead of white. Next, I colour the sky with black and three dark blue pencils to make a deep sky. I think the sky could be darker, and colour the ground the same as on the kraft card.


Looking at these photographs now, I may go back and add a small amount of yellow on the highlights to tie in the light coming from the star.

Have you finished your Christmas cards? Share them with us over the Paper Tree Tribe group on Facebook. Donโ€™t forget to enter the challenge for November/December.

Find the card and ink supplies here and the basic craft supplies here


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