Painting with Colour Burst and Stamping with Water

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Hi, I want to use a different colouring medium other than markers or pencils and the Color Burst powders are sitting on the shelf behind my desk.  Catherine Pooler teamed up with Ken Oliver to come out with a Carnivale collection of Color Burst powders.  (I will be spelling “colour” with and without a “u” in this post).  I also have a video tutorial showing the process of this card. Head on over to YouTube to watch the tutorial.


Color Burst Colouring

To start, I stamp the flower from Grace In Blooms onto Bristol card with Midnight black ink. I need to use a black ink that is waterproof as I will be watercolouring with Color Burst powders.  First wetting the flower with clean water then letting some of the water to soak into the cardI can tap on Samba colour burst powder.   As the colour didn’t spread as I hoped it would, I use my paintbrush to move the colour around.  Colouring both the flowers and the buds the same way.


Next, I paint the stems with clean water, then tap on Mardi Gras Color Burst powder and move the colour with my paintbrush.  I didn’t keep the colour completely inside the lines of the stamp.  This could be because I was rushing a little or my paintbrush was too big. I am using a Winson & Newton #12 watercolour brush. A smaller brush with a smaller point may have been better.


Water Stamped Background

My background is created in a similar way. I use water to ‘paint’ the raised areas on the Zig Zag background stamp and take a piece of watercolour card to the stamp.  The wet areas on the stamp are transferred to the card in the same way that ink would be transferred to the card.


There are six bottles in the Carnivale Color Burst set.  Samba & Mardi Gras I have already used.  I thought Suede Shoes would be too dark for the background with the deep red and green stamped image, and the Limoncello Sparkle and Samba Sparkle are too sparkly for the feel I am going for.


This left Limoncello for the background.  The powders in the bottles are not just one colour.  There are mixes of colours – you might be a little purple in Suede Shoes, or a little green in the Limoncello.  This is what makes Color Burst so fun to use.


Using Limoncello, I tap this powder onto the wet areas of the background, and again use a paintbrush to paint the zig zag lines.

Sentiment & Finishing The Card

The sentiment is from the same Grace In Blooms stamp set.  Stamped onto Bristol card, and trimmed into a strip.  The sentiment and flowers are adhered flat to the card using Nuvo Crystal Glaze as the adhesive.  These colours work well to create a bright Thank You card.


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