Multi-colour stamping and Sparkle Pops by Tasha

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Hey crafty people! Tasha here with your weekly trip to our virtual crafty space! Firstly, did you see my haul & a half unboxing video for the Birthday treat that I got myself? If not, you should check it out! I didn’t get much, just one or two things really…??…I can’t even type it with a straight face!! ??

I got my first ever Catherine Pooler inks to try them out and see what all the fuss is about…
You can see my first impressions and swatch test here!


Now that I had tried them out, I wanted to really start to test them and get to grips with what these inks can do, so I grabbed my new CP Birthday stamp set and chose the largest sentiment.
I use my MISTI to help me when stamping, especially when I know that I will need to stamp in the same space multiple times.


Multi-colour stamping

I chose six of the colours from my mini ink set; Peppermint Scrub, Mandarin Spice, Sauna, Eucalyptus, Juniper Mist & Royal Treatment.
Starting with Peppermint Scrub on the H in happy, I added each ink in turn, stamping that down before moving onto the next colour. I worked in a circle so that once I got back to the start of Birthday I would be stamping Royal Treatment which I knew would blend well with Peppermint Scrub.

TIP! Take a dry cloth and gently dab the edges of each separate ink before you stamp it down; this way you won’t get any harsh lines and overlap the colours a little, that will give a more natural blend.


I was planning to try embossing over the sentiment because I had heard that you can emboss with her inks, but when I tried to add the EP it didn’t stick properly and was very patchy so I swept it all off and stamped Versamark ink directly over my original stamping, this worked much better.
I don’t think it is fair to suggest that this means CP inks won’t emboss; I fully expected the EP not to stick because by the time I worked round all the colours, the ink where I started had been left to dry far too long.

I chose some clear sparkle EP to give my sentiment an extra pop, but whilst retaining those beautiful, vibrant colours!


Sparkle pops

(I also stamped out these little guys from the So Much Possibility set, I’ve been internally referring to them as ‘sparkle-pops’, so we will go with that!)

I stamped out a few Sparkle-pops in three different sizes, using the same inks as before, and I did a mix of two colours on the bigger ones. I did this by adding ink to one half of the stamp, dabbing the edge with my cloth, then adding ink to the other side and dabbing again. This didn’t give me a perfect blend, but it is more than good enough for these little images, plus I could stamp them using an acrylic block because I had no need to stamp twice.

Embossing with CP inks

This meant that the inks were still wet enough to try embossing with and I got a MUCH better coverage this second time round!

Sidebar: I don’t stamp using an acrylic block too often, because I hate getting an incomplete transfer and wasting time & materials, but I was so impressed with how these inks stamped during my swatching that I trusted that I could get a good transfer in one go with them. That’s a great quality in an ink!!

I fussy cut my sentiment and all the little sparkle-pops, then set the aside whilst I worked on my background.


I cut the Trellis Coverplate die from some grey cardstock I had in my stash and I glued it down onto another piece of the
same grey cardstock trimmed down to A2 size, 4.25 x 5.5 inches. I was originally planning on leaving it like this, very tone on tone, a more muted background to balance the colour and glitter of my sentiment and sparkle-pops. (Yes, at this point I just really love the word sparkle-pops and so I’m tossing it in as often as I can! ?)


When I laid out my fussy cut bits onto the background I just felt ‘meh’.
Do you ever get that? When you think you know exactly where you’re going with a card, and you’re convinced it will work then when you see it together it’s like ‘meh…’

Sidebar, The Sequel.
meh interjection
adjective: meh
uninspiring; unexceptional.

I wasn’t about to give up that easy though, so I grabbed my Versamark pad and gently swiped it over the whole background, this means that the ink makes contact with the Trellis die cut, but leaves the panel behind largely untouched. Then I added the same clear sparkle EP all over! There were some areas where the ink pad clearly touched the backing panel, so EP stuck in these areas; if this bothers you, you can knock it off with a dry paint brush, but to be honest I was happy to leave it in place.

I added my sentiment and biggest Sparkle-pops with adhesive foam squares and the smaller ones with liquid glue, this gives me some dimension and sprinkles a little extra interest too.

Making the card

I put the whole panel onto an A2 card base made from 110lb Neenah, using more liquid glue and I was done!!
As always, I want to say thank you for spending this time with me and I will be back at the same time next week with some more papercraft inspiration. ?

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