Masked Critter Christmas Card by Tasha

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Hey crafty people!  It’s Tasha here, back for another Saturday inspiration drop and this week I’ve fallen even deeper in love with the adorable little critters from Trinity Stamps.

It’s no secret that I love the Bunny Burrows set, in fact I’ve used it quite a few times for my Saturday posts, so when I saw the Winter Burrows add on set, I had no choice but purchase! I mean, it *literally* jumped into my basket by itself!!

Well that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!!


I grabbed the original Bunny Burrows set and the new Winter Burrows add on and set about creating a one layer card; this involved a LOT of masking, but I’ve got some tips & tricks to help the process go a little smoother.


Planning the scene

I always start by making a plan of how I want my scene to look; this helps me make sure I have all of my images in the right place and also helps me to work out which images I will need to stamp first.

I stamp out everything, in the place I want it to be, on a scrap of paper which is the same size as my card panel; in this case A2, 4.25 x 5.5 inch. Then I can mark out which order I will need to stamp them. I also use this to line up each image as I am stamping them on the actual card panel, which makes sure I will have each image lined up correctly, for example the mugs and the bunny’s scarf.

You always have to start with all of the images that are in front of anything else; in this case I started with one of the trees, the wreath on the door and the Hedgehog’s mug. Once you have these stamped you need to mask them in some way or another.


Stamping the scene

I stamped out a bunch of the images from both sets onto masking paper and carefully fussy cut around them, making my cuts run directly down the inside of the stamped line to avoid a white halo around my images!

As I stamped out each different layer, I then added the masks before moving on to stamp the next. So the last image I stamped was the burrow itself.



Inking the background

Then I cut some more masking to make my snowy hillside and put them into place so that I had everything masked but my sky. I used a blending brush from Trinity Stamps to apply some distress oxide to my sky; I chose three colours, Salty Ocean right by my horizon line, fading up into Blueprint Sketch for the bulk of my sky, and then Chipped Sapphire around the edges to deepen the blue of my sky. This is my favourite sky combination, and I just vary the amounts of each colour depending on the time I am hoping to depict


Colouring the scene

Once that was done I set it aside for around 1 hour to let it dry as I had put a LOT of ink down, then I peeled off each mask, very carefully, and coloured my images with Copic markers.


It’s really important to remember the snow and add some shadows around the base of every image; this works to ground them and stop them looking like they are floating off into space!


Finishing the card

I finished my card by embossing two of the sentiments from the set, because I think they go so well together!! I attached my panel to an A2 card base, making sure to use a strong adhesive and that I placed it right up to the edges & corners.


As always, I want to say thank you for spending this time with me and I will be back at the same time next week with some more papercraft inspiration. ?  Don’t forget to use code natashapapertree for 10% off your order!


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