CP Ink Colour Blends Mini Series – Zen Garden

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I’m back with another colour combination in the mini series of ink blending with CP inks.  This time using the Zen Garden collection. You can find out more about the ink colours and what makes them different from other inks at this blog post.  Find the other posts in this mini series here.

The Spa Collection has three collections of colours, Zen Garden, Paradise Found and Urban Oasis. Each collection of ink colours are available individually as full-size ink pads and refills.

I will continue this mini series on ink blending with CP inks for each collection of colours. When I have all these swatches with each collection individually, I will then have a good visual to see which colours from other collections will blend well together.


Three Colour Blends

First up for the Spa Collection is Zen Garden. I lay out the inks on my desk in rainbow order and picked three that were next to each other. The card I use is Bristol Vellum trimmed to 4.5” x 2” and I use the Life-Changing Blending Brushes for the blending. One brush for each colour.



Red – Blue Blends

Polished, Shea Butter, Seafoam

Spruce, Seafoam Shea Butter

Spruce, Seafoam, Skylight

Seafoam, Skylight, Stone Blue



Blue – Yellow Blends

Skylight, Stone Blue and Sugared Lavender

Sugared Lavender, Polished and Rose Petals

Rose Petals, Polished and Shea Butter.



Two Colour Blends

Again I tried some two colour blends just using the primary colours – Polished, Shea Butter and Stone Blue


Cleaning Brushes

The main point of this mini series is seeing which colours will blend well together.  Another bonus is seeing which ink pads need refilling.  I go into more detail about how I use the Blending Brush Scrubber in the first post in this series which features the Spring Fling colours.


Leave a comment if you would like these ink blend swatches all together as an A4 printable. I’ll have another post in this mini-series soon featuring more Catherine Pooler Designs ink colour blends.


Products Used

Zen Garden Collection

Rose Petals Ink Pad & Refill

Polished Ink Pad & Refill

Shea Butter Ink Pad & Refill

Seafoam Ink Pad & Refill

Spruce Ink Pad & Refill

Skylight Ink Pad & Refill

Stone Blue Ink Pad & Refill

Sugared Lavender Ink Pad & Refill


Life-Changing Blending Brushes

Blending Brush Scrubber

Squeaky Clean Stamp Cleaner

Bristol Vellum Card



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